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above is the pic of my dog tasha. just don't take this as a joke beacuse she doesn't like it treat her kindly.
My interests include i like to play clairnet and  i like to play video games like DDR (DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION) that game is so much fun it is about you stand on a platform and dance and 4 arrows that goes up, down, right, and left.
My hobbies include,i like to chrocet and knit and make bead buddies and i like to make braclets
The people in my family, I have a mom named Jean Yeazelland a dad named Mark Yeazell I am an only child too.
my pets, I have a german shepard named tasha.

all the cool cartoons.

this is linkin park the coolest band that i know.


What's New?
well I had a pretty good weekend but it was also pretty borning. Prom was this weekend. and i did get asked, but i said no beacuse i have a boyfreind already. plus it was last minuet when he asked me. but i had fun sleeping anyways that night. well thats all that i got to say. well see ya later fans.

has anyone been to you tube. the address is



well here is the link to my other site.

by christina yeazell